GCAT: General Catalog of Artificial Space Objects

Jonathan C. McDowell

Launch Vehicles

Launch Vehicle Descriptions

GCAT Release 1.5.5 (2024 May 5) | Data Update 2024 Jun 19


Each launch in the launch database is associated with a particular launch vehicle variant. In this section we describe these vehicles, giving approximate dimensions, masses and performance parameters. The reader should note that these approximate values are intended to give a general idea of the differences between variants - but the data is not necessarily the most accurate available and parameters given in other sources may be more reliable.

Schema for launch vehicle database, centered on the LaunchVehicle class. Each LaunchVehicle and Stage belongs to an LV Family. Each Launch Vehicle has a numbered set of stages. Each stage has a main engine type and has some (unordered) number of that type of engine. Auxiliary engines are not considered. Manufacturers of LVs, Stages and Engines are identified using an Org code linking them to the Orgs database.

Each launch vehicle variant is defined as consisting of a series of stages, and each stage is associated with a main engine type. Furthermore, each variant is a member of a larger grouping called a launch vehicle family. This structure is related in the five files that make up the launch vehicle description database: